BALANCE for stabilising your everyday life!

Meetings, deadlines, exams. You oversleep, can't find the car key, and the kids are shrieking. You rush to get the car out of the drive for the school run and then work, and face some horrible traffic. Your boss gives you one of the stupidest jobs to do imaginable. Your phone is ringing constantly, and your colleague next to you is moaning non-stop. Welcome to everyday life! No wonder that you can sometimes lose your nerve.

To maintain your balance in such situations and have the ability to respond constructively to problems, strains or conflicts requires a positive balanced prevailing mood of well-being and strong nerves, in order to better cope with the stress of everyday life. Keeping our balance is the key to a healthy life.

The BALANCE personal GENII® mode has a STABILISING effect. It is the recommended basic mode and provides the wearer with a set of electromagnetic vibrations that are based on the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth. This mode supports a harmonious and, above all, balanced prevailing mood and helps the wearer to better cope with the stress of everyday life.

Focus: Stabilising everyday life with more resistance to stress and environmental influences, greater well-being and balance.

Users: For adults, teenagers and children who want to keep a balance and better cope with stress in everyday life, at work, at school or also in their free time.

The BALANCE mode is recommended for the following activities:

In all everyday, professional, school or leisure situations and while operating vehicles: if the balance of the body has been disrupted by negative environmental factors such as geological influences, electrosmog and mobile phone radiation or stress, overload and illness, then the regular use of BALANCE during the day can lead to more stability, calmness and more resistance – helping you back to your usual top form. At work, in the office, school, in public transport or also when using an eBook Reader, people are often exposed to negative environmental influences. Specifically this applies to the use of mobile phones in the car. This drains strength and energy due to extremely high tension fields. With regular use of the BALANCE mode you can obtain or regain physical and mental stability.

Recommended use:
The BALANCE STANDARD stabilising mode should definitely be used continuously for six months and is supplied with the ACTIVE STANDARD activating mode as well as the SLEEP STANDARD sleep mode as a GROUND PACKAGE when buying a GENII wristband. It can be combined with any SLEEP mode or any ACTIVE activating mode.

Every person has different needs – and GENII® knows that

GENII® is delivered with three basic modes. As every person is different and has to overcome their own challenges, three modes alone is not enough. GENII® offers the opportunity to decide which three modes should be stored on your personal GENII®. GENII® offers a wide range of modes for you to choose from.

Further STABILISING modes:

Balance safe Protection from environmental factors such as electrosmog, mobile phone radiation and interference zones
Balance happy Soothing, balancing mode to harmonise the psyche for social situations
Balance vital Stabilising mode for stressful everyday situations
Balance clear mind Basic mode for better powers of concentration and improved creativity
Balance sensitive Basic mode to combat symptoms of sensitivity to weather
Balance allergy Light general stabilising mode for allergies

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