Sleep relaxed

The SLEEP RELAXED GENII® mode helps to switch off, relax and have a relaxing sleep after a stressful or strenuous day. It supports the wearer with a set of vibrations that can help them get rid of troublesome thoughts more easily, cope with stress better and can ensure for a harmonious transition into a meditative or relaxed state or a peaceful and deep sleep. It is the ideal mode to deal with stress or to switch off and relax in times of stress - whether in the professional or private sphere. Please do not use at all when driving a car or operating machinery!

Focus: Switching off, relaxing and relaxed sleep after a stressful day.

Users: For all people of every age and gender who want to switch off, relax and have a relaxed sleep to draw strength for their everyday demands.

Recommended use:
The SLEEP RELAXED sleep mode should definitely be used continuously for three months and can be combined during the day with any BALANCE stabilising mode and any ACTIVE activating mode. Ideally with the BALANCE VITAL stabilising mode or BALANCE CLEARMIND and with the ACTIVE VITAL or ACTIVE SOUL activating modes.


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