You're unique and so is your personal GENII®

GENII® individual – Just incredible!

The concept of GENII® is based on the fact that every person is unique and exceptional in their own way, and therefore has very individual needs based on their personality and physical and psychological requirements. That’s just what GENII® seeks to serve.

GENII® is supplied with the ‘Standard Mode Package’ consisting of three basic modes - Active, Balance and Sleep. Additional modes can be purchased on your computer and installed on the GENII® unit.


ACTIVE - for when you need a performance boost!
Competitive and casual athletes, along with many others, are constantly striving to improve their performance. Our society is defined by increased health and physical awareness, as well as the high performance demands faced by adults, children and youngsters both professionally and privately. Consumers are actively looking for ways to increase their performance capabilities and to reduce overtiredness and exhaustion.

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SLEEP to rest and recover!
A balanced deep sleep significantly increases potential performances. The use of sleep as a means to boost performance is not only practiced in sport, as a good and restful sleep is regarded more and more as the basis for good health and professional success. It is a way to prevent burn-out and reduce susceptibility to stress. The brain relaxes in sleep, regenerates the body and allows the immune system to strengthen.

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BALANCE for stabilising your everyday life!
Meetings, deadlines, exams. You oversleep, can't find the car keys, and the kids are shrieking. You rush to get the car out of the drive and face some horrible traffic. Your boss gives you one of the stupidest jobs to do imaginable. Your phone is ringing constantly. Welcome to everyday life! No wonder that you can sometimes lose your nerve.

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YOUR mode
Everyone has a different body, and for this reason we offer the opportunity to make the most of your GENII® with individual modes. This individualised set-up offers comprehensive personal assistance with the GENII® pulse being provided in the perfect rhythm to suit the needs of your body in very different situations.

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