Libido motivation

The LIBIDO MOTIVATION GENII® mode is a specially designed basic mode for all women and girls who suffer from libido loss by taking the pill. This mode provides the wearer with a set of vibrations that can improve the energy metabolism, psychological functions and therefore lead to an increased sexual desire and libido. It can help provide for more intensity with a pleasant sexual feeling and boost sexual motivation.

Focus: Libido mode with a focus on increased feelings of lust when libido is lost due to taking the pill, thanks to improved energy metabolism and balance in psychological functions.

Users: For women and girls with lower sexual motivation due to taking the pill or medication.

Recommended use:

The LIBIDO MOTIVATION libido mode should be used continuously while on the pill, and can be combined after a period of use of at least three months in the short term (weekly basis) with another libido mode. Ideally with LIBIDO BASIC, LIBIDO FEELING or LIBIDO POWER. At night it can be combined with any SLEEP mode and during the day, if required, with any ACTIVE activating mode.


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