Libido feeling

The LIBIDO FEELING GENII® mode is a wide-ranging basic mode for all women and girls of a sexually mature age with a temporary lack of desire. It provides the wearer with a set of vibrations that can make them invigorated, more enterprising, livelier and more satisfied overall. It is specially designed for women who feel under pressure to succeed sexually and suffer feelings of guilt towards their partner, and who are mostly looking at themselves for reasons for lacking desire. It is the ideal mode for women in middle age before or after entering into menopause, for women after childbirth and for women and girls with menstrual problems or complaints, who have lost their desire for sex in part or in full due to mood and hormone fluctuations.

Focus: Libido mode with a focus on increased lust by breaking down inferiority complexes, feelings of guilt, mood swings and suggestions regarding relationship ability.

Users: For women and girls of a sexually mature age with menstrual issues or problems, women after childbirth, women before or after entering into menopause or women lacking desire, who are under pressure to succeed sexually, or suffer feelings of guilt or anxiety disorders.

Recommended use:

The LIBIDO FEELING libido mode should be used continuously for at least six months day and night. After a period of use of at least three months it can be combined on an hourly basis with other modes - with any SLEEP mode and any ACTIVE activating mode, ideally with ACTIVE SOUL or ACTIVE POWER.


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