Feedback on GENII®

" After a taking a short lunch break using the SLEEP program I feel like I've just come back from a quick holiday. I'm so deeply relaxed that I can master my stressful day in the best possible, easiest way. " Regina Blatnik

" The combination of balance, sleep and active programs are fantastic. I decide which program I want to use and I get what I need from relaxation to revitalization. " Xaver Münzberger

" I was very skeptical but within the first few minutes I felt calm, strong, and very relaxed. Now I don't want to give it up! " Thomas Pucher

" I've been wearing your GENII wristband for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. I enjoy wearing it while doing sports and have been feeling fitter and more efficient. At night, the sleep program helps me feel like I'm recovering faster, especially after exercise. During the day I use the green program and feel more relaxed and less stressed. I can recommend the GENII bracelet with a clear conscience. " Waltraud Stoll

" I feel lucky to have had the chance to use the GENII wristband. Wearing it has clearly influenced my feelings of wellbeing. What I like about the band is that it is equipped with three different programs, so I always have the right program at hand. When I'm tired, I turn it to active, and in the evening I set it to sleep mode, which helps me sleep deeply. Even the balance program accompanies me through my everyday life in a protective way." Prof. W. Sturm

" I have been using the GENII wristband for several months and have since been able to detect positive changes in my well-being. " Bernhard Friedl

" I have been using the GENII wristband for some time and I am very pleased with it, especially the sleep program. I also use the SLEEP program for meditating, and after only 12 minutes I am almost as relaxed as after a long deep meditation. Get rid of stress, recharge your batteries and simply feel better. " Gerhard Egger

" To my astonishment, the GENII bracelet has met my expectations to the fullest. I never expected that wearing the wristband would produce such positive changes in my life. I have been using the GENII for a few months now, and I very much appreciate the restful, energising and balancing effects of the band. I feel fresh and rested every morning and am ready to face my daily challenges. I would like to thank you once again and I can definitely recommend your GENII wristbands." Renate Grell