• How do I find the serial number of my GENII® wristband?

    The serial number of your GENII® wristband can be found on the back of the case.

  • What is the Schumann Frequency?

    It is the natural frequency of the earth, or the "Earth's heartbeat". The human organism has oriented itself to this frequency for ages. For humans, the Schumann frequency is necessary for our health, as backed by studies conducted by NASA. During the first space flights out of our atmosphere, the astronauts got sick. Our circadian rhythms (our inner clock) that regulate the wake-sleep rhythm, the daily routine of the body's temperature and the cortisone levels in the blood, get confused without access to the Schumann frequency. This is why the astronauts got sick in space. To avoid this, space flights now have Schumann frequency simulators. Without them, astronauts could not survive in space.

  • Do several GENII's® interfere with each other or increase their effects?

    NO, several GENII's® do not interfere with each other nor do their effects increase. GENII® only works through the body of the individual wearer.

  • My GENII® won't charge anymore, what can I do?

    The charger should not be permanently left plugged in as this may affect the charging function. Therefore it is recommended to disconnect the charger for 10 minutes and then recharge the GENII®.

  • Can you wear the GENII® while going through airport security?

    GENII® contains electronic parts and must therefore be placed in the designated containers at airport security checks before passing through the metal detectors. Observe the airline's safety regulations for hand luggage.

  • Can you use the GENII® on a plane during a flight?

    GENII® pulsates in the bio-frequency range and currently has no transmitter or Bluetooth function and may therefore be used during all flight phases.

  • May GENII® be used in the vicinity of strong electromagnetic sources?

    This is exactly where GENII® should be used! Generally it is recommended to avoid sources of electromagnetism. However, many people are exposed to extremely strong electromagnetic sources at their place of work. People who work with computers and distribution centers or work with transformers, train drivers, flight crews, etc could all benefit from GENII®.

  • Does GENII® affect the transmission or reception quality of mobile phones?

    NO, GENII® affects the wearer's body and not the radiation level of the phone.

  • How does GENII® protect you from cell phone radiation?

    GENII® stabilizes human biofields, making us more resistant to geological and technical disturbances.

  • Can I become dependent on myGENII®?

    NOPE, no way! GENII® helps to synchronize the regulatory and functional processes in the body, making it more resistant to stress and overstrain, helping you recover.

  • Can you use GENII® even if you have no health issues?

    Yes, GENII® is basically suitable for anyone who wants more energy, less stress and more restful sleep and/or wants to protect themselves from premature aging and the negative influence of electrosmog.

  • How long do you have to wear the GENII®?

    GENII® comes with three basic programs. ACTIVE for increased energy. SLEEP for restful sleep and BALANCE for stabilization in everyday life. GENII® can therefore be worn throughout the day and night. There are different recommended usage times for each program, so please observe the operating instructions.

  • Does GENII® have to have direct skin contact to work?

    GENII® works at a distance of 10 cm and therefore does not need to have direct contact with the skin.

  • Is GENII® backed by any scientific evidence?

    GENII® is a new product developed on the basis of research done on Earth's magnetic field and the Schumann frequency. Numerous scientific studies back these phenomena. For GENII® itself, there are numerous testimonials that we can refer back to.

  • How can you measure the magnetic field emitted by the GENII®?

    GENII® emits vibrations at the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz. This frequency is so low that it can only be measured with special equipment.

  • Can GENII® help me sleep better?

    Yes. The blue program (Relaxation/Sleep) was specially developed for more restful sleep. It can thus help people with sleep impairments. Be sure to remember that the blue program should not be used while driving or undertaking other activities that require high concentration.

  • How can I charge my GENII®?

    With help from the supplied mini USB, GENII® can be charged using any PC / laptop or via a USB charging port via a power outlet.

  • Is GENII® waterproof?

    GENII® is not waterproof so please do not wear while bathing, showering or swimming.

  • Can children also wear the GENII®?

    GENII® can be worn by children or elderly people without any hesitation.

  • Can constantly wearing GENII® hurt me?

    GENII® can be worn for 24 hours a day and never needs to be removed or switched off. GENII®'s effect is better the longer it is worn, as the continuous release of the magnetic impulses restores the effect of the earth's natural magnetic field. It is best to wear it as long as possible.