Why our bodies need good radiation

Why our bodies need good radiation

Our earth is a magnet. This is a physical fact. Positive and negative charge points, places of power and interfering fields are therefore located on our planet. The human body reacts to that by charging and recharging because:

  1. The nervous system and the nerves are our body’s own electrical system and this responds like any electrical system to magnets.
  2. Due to its high iron content, our blood has magnetic properties. The amount of iron in the blood corresponds to around 12-14 small iron nails. Iron filings stand up when in contact with magnets.
  3. Our body water (around 70% of our weight) has a cluster structure that reacts to magnets.

People need the healthy, life-sustaining ground radiation of 7.8 Hz (the Schumann wave). This was discovered during the Second World War, when soldiers in tanks became ill due to their powerful insulation. By artificially producing a frequency of 7.8 Hz, their complaints were alleviated. It was Schumann who discovered this at the time. We also need cosmic radiation, especially at night.

At night, when the body is relaxed, the cells absorb vibrations more easily, but:

  • Radiation fields turn the right spin, the molecular rotational direction of blood, into a left spin.
  • The pH value becomes acidic
  • The immune system gets under attack
  • Production of red and white blood cells is reduced

What stops us getting the vibrations we need?

Basically it is ground radiation that influences the vibrations in our body. The best known source of ground radiation is probably water veins. The global grid and Benker system are also a part of this phenomenon. When meeting electrosmog, the ground rays can behave differently or constantly change.

You cannot escape the phenomenon of electrosmog in the high-tech world of today. The exposure to electrosmog is only going to increase in the coming years though because of an increased use of wireless technologies in everyday life. As this development is difficult to avoid, you need to be aware of the fact that exposure to electrosmog is commonplace and unavoidable.