The electric car – a health burden?

Monday, 10. July 2017

The electric car – a health burden?

The electric car is regarded as the vehicle of the near future, and electric-powered cars can be increasingly found on roads. Cars that don’t use fossil fuels promise a lower environmental impact and subsequently a benefit for our health. But is that really the case?

The question is increasingly being raised of how high the radiation exposure might be in an electric car. With the proliferation of electric vehicles with their powerful high-voltage battery packages, there must of course be an increase in the amount of electric energy in our environment. In addition to the usual electrosmog and mobile phone radiation, we will also have to deal in future with problems caused by electric vehicles.

The fact is that the batteries in electric cars now pack a total weight of up to 300kg. Another fact is that in a closed car, the rays become trapped, like in a cage, and cannot escape. That is not to even mention the additional exposure to electromagnetic radiation from other electronic devices in the car.

Strong electromagnetic exposure can negatively affect the well-being of the driver, especially in regard to their ability to concentrate. If this occurs, it can be a potentially very dangerous combination, as concentration plays such a big role in road transport.