Study confirms mobile phone radiation harms people

Study confirms mobile phone radiation harms people

Despite the reduction in the heat produced by smartphones, these demonstrably damage the genetic make-up.

For decades it has been accepted that the thermal effect of mobile phones produces a health hazard. Now a study of people has also proved that the athermal effects produce a health risk. Among these athermic effects are the effects of radiation exposure, which emanate from mobile phones.

A court ruling and its consequences

The Austrian General Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA) launched a study with the University of Vienna following an Italian Court ruling.

The Italian ruling said that frequent calling with a mobile phone can lead to a brain tumour and insurers must pay a disability pension because of this.

The study is entitled: ‘An investigation of athermal effects of electromagnetic fields in mobile telephone communication’

Content of the study

In this study, both adults and laboratory cells were exposed to UMTS mobile phone radiation. The two central questions to be answered in the course of the study were:

  • How does mobile phone radiation affect people?
  • How does mobile phone radiation harm DNA?

The answers

How does mobile phone radiation affect people?

  • High-frequency electromagnetic fields can produce small changes to DNA and the functioning of the cells. When people spend a lot of time on the phone, this can cause a greater number of these changes. The tests determined that, on the one hand, the responsiveness of those tested increased, and on the other hand, so did their susceptibility.

How does mobile phone radiation harm DNA?

  • Irradiation increases the oxidation rate of DNA and therefore makes it brittle. The body can repair the majority of breaks in DNA, but it is possible that that the smallest and most persistent DNA damage accumulates over the years. These damages represent an immanent health risk. Cells of children and young people are particular susceptible to these breaks, because of their high metabolic activity.


Examining the results of the AUVA study in detail gives you an insight into the actual risk of mobile telephones. That the radiation emanating from mobile phones is harmful to health can no longer be denied. The level of the actual health impact cannot be gauged for now, however.

This study should provide a warning to people to reduce or counteract the radiation exposure they face from using a mobile telephone.