Mobile phone radiation – an everyday pollution

Mobile phone radiation – an everyday pollution

To make phone calls, send text messages, use the internet and take photos, the smartphone is in continuous use nowadays. Researchers are ever more frequently warning against this constant use. How harmful is mobile phone radiation though?

Environmental medics have been warning for years that even seemingly harmless sources of radiation are harmful to health and have massive health consequences in part. One of the many sources of such radiation is the mobile phone.

When you are on the phone, the radiation exposure is relatively high. This is mostly due to the antenna, which sits at the upper part of the phone. Anyone with the phone to their ear is therefore particularly exposed to harmful mobile phone radiation. Headaches, fatigue, nausea, inflammatory diseases - right up to heart attacks and an increased cancer risk - are possible consequences of a high exposure to mobile phone radiation.

An Italian court has already recognised the possible health damage from mobile phone radiation in the case of a claimant who was a regular telephone user with a brain tumour. According to the investigations and the subsequent judgement, the tumour could be directly attributed to spending up to six hours a day making calls with the phone to an ear.

Study proves adverse effect

The international society of electrosmog research, known as IGEF, has published a study claiming that mobile phone radiation has a damaging effect on human cells. Ukrainian researchers evaluated about 80 investigations into the effects of mobile phone radiation for this and came to the conclusion that mobile phone radiation, even in small quantities, damages oxidation processes in cells, which in turn is a strong trigger for the production of harmful free radicals.

This stress on the cells is deemed to be a trigger for many diseases. Children and young people are said to be particularly at risk, since, according to the study, youngsters have up to eight hours direct contact with their mobile phone per day.

It’s not just mobile phone radiation that has an impact.

WiFi, ordinary cables in houses and apartments, UMTS masts, and other sources of radiation all have effects on our body. People need to be aware that they are almost continuously exposed to electrosmog. This is all a part of technological advances that make life easier for us, but bring their own health consequences for certain in the long-term.