ELECTROSMOG – an everyday enemy

ELECTROSMOG – an everyday enemy

There are lots of reports, and numerous horror stories, about the topic of electrosmog. But what's the truth on the side effects of the technological revolution? Is it really harmful for our health to run electrical appliances on standby or be on the mobile phone for hours?

What is electrosmog?

It needs to be explained what electrosmog is. Electrosmog is the environmental pollution from technical fields and radiation that emanates from electrical cables, devices, transmitters, electrically charged surfaces and magnetised materials. If you reflect for a couple of seconds, you soon realise that in reality there is no way of escaping this pollution. We are surrounded by it every day, as power lines, masts, cables and electronic devices generate electrical and also magnetic fields - and have long since become part of our everyday life. Even though we can’t see the dense fog of electromagnetic waves, that doesn’t mean that they can’t cause any damage. The rapid development of wireless technologies, in particular, has made the electromagnetic fog that surrounds us much thicker, and our society is far from reaching the worst point, as the use of wireless technologies is set for a several-fold increase over the next decades. You only have to consider the further spread of wireless networks but also, for example, the possibility now of controlling a washing machine via a mobile phone. All of these technical developments that make life easier for us also bring increased exposure to electrosmog.

Man - an electromagnetic being

As every type of pollution has its consequences, countless studies have dealt with how electrosmog affects our bodies. First the functioning of our body has to be briefly considered. Cells, tissues and organs communicate with each other not only with chemical messengers, but also with electrical signals. This means we have electricity in the body. And when one thinks of an ECG or an EEG, this fact is even more obvious. Both of these medical processes rely on measuring voltage – in one case produced by the heart, and in the other case by the brain. And how do you get voltage? From charge! We humans are therefore electromagnetic creatures. This explains how electrosmog can influence and also interfere with the vegetative and central nervous system, hormones and cells, among others. To try to picture these effects, just imagine what kind of chaos unfolds in a city when the communication routes are disrupted or, in the worst case, collapse. The same thing happens in our body due to electrosmog. This breakdown of healthy cell processes leads to biological chaos in our body.

Can you feel electrosmog?

There continue to be people who claim to be able to feel electrosmog, even though electromagnetic fields only have an indirect effect as they do not penetrate the body. Electro sensitive people do say they can directly feel them. Whatever the case, the majority of people can actually feel the effects of electrosmog. You have to bear in mind that all aspects of life can be affected by electrosmog’s impact on the body. This explains why the effects of electrosmog become visible in very different ways. Some people get sleep problems, while others suffer from increased stress, and others suffer from hormonal disorders or depression. The impact of the disruption to the immune system caused by electrosmog can be very varied and appear to be very individual depending on the person. The fact is that people are affected by electrosmog, and this impact can produce health consequences. In this context, one can distinguish three stages of impact. In the first stage, one can speak of a ‘nuisance’ impact. This results in sensitivity problems that can manifest themselves in, for example, stress, loss of libido, sleep disorders and much more. In the second stage, you can speak of a form of damage. This leads to symptoms appearing as the body responds to the damage. These physical problems, can be, for example, headaches, digestive problems or allergic reactions. In the third and final stage, you can speak of injury. Now the body is sick – with a disease that can track the entire medical spectrum.

All these facts should encourage us to avoid electrosmog. As this is extremely difficult to do in an everyday environment, trying to counteract the electrosmog and its negative impact should be considered. This is where GENII can help. Its pulse generator simulates the earth’s natural magnetic field, which is affected by electrosmog. The earth’s natural magnetic field plays a part in ensuring balanced health even though it is inherently disrupted by the technological environment of today. GENII recreates this field and constantly emits its vibrations to the body. The body can therefore be protected against the negative effects of electrosmog.