Schlaflosigkeit Insomnia and its consequences

A common cause of sleep disorders is the electrosmog to which we are exposed to daily. This affects our natural geomagnetic field in a negative way. This disruption of the Earth's natural magnetic field can lead to difficulty falling asleep or...

Is technology burning us out?

Awareness about the commonality of mental illness has certainly increased in the last two decades. Burnout is one of the most commonly reported illnesses in the working world. The cause of this illness is permanent stress, as burnout is a...

Mobile telephones – a radiant blessing

Mobile phones, cordless DECT phones and WiFi signals send and receive pulses of microwave radiation. Thus, mobile phones emit high-frequency electromagnetic fields. This radiation allows vast amounts of data to be transported but expose our bodies...

LED bulbs cause too much electrosmog

LED bulbs produce electrosmog since the required switching power supply emits electromagnetic pulses. This is responsible also for the annoying flickering of the lamps. Although the amount of radiation has decreased in the past few years, its...

What does radiation do?

Living our daily lives without electricity is almost unimaginable. You may only become truly aware during a power outage what it means to be without power – and that many things in our everyday life just wouldn’t work without electricity.

Electrosmog endangers migratory birds

The negative effect of electrosmog on humans continues to be a big topic of discussion. There are already numerous studies dealing with the topic of electrosmog and its effect on the human organism.

Handy & Strahlung Study confirms mobile phone radiation harms people

For decades it has been accepted that the thermal effect of mobile phones produces a health hazard. Now a study of people has also proved that the athermal effects produce a health risk. Among these athermic effects are the effects of radiation...

Elektrosmog ELECTROSMOG – an everyday enemy

There are lots of reports, and numerous horror stories, about the topic of electrosmog. But what's the truth on the side effects of the technological revolution? Is it really harmful for our health to run electrical appliances on standby or be on...

Strahlung Why our bodies need good radiation

You cannot escape the phenomenon of electrosmog in the high-tech world of today. The exposure to electrosmog is only going to increase in the coming years though because of an increased use of wireless technologies in everyday life.

Schlafstörungen Melatonin & the effect on our sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that controls the sleeping pattern of people - the so-called circadian rhythm. It is produced in the pineal gland from serotonin. It is also produced in other places in the body, for example in the digestive tract.

Mobile phone radiation – an everyday pollution

To make phone calls, send text messages, use the internet and take photos, the smartphone is in continuous use nowadays. Researchers are ever more frequently warning against this constant use. How harmful is mobile phone radiation though?