Balance vital

The BALANCE VITAL GENII® mode can have a stabilising effect in times of increased stress levels and psychological demands. It provides the wearer with a set of electromagnetic vibrations that can have a calming effect on the central nervous system and therefore counteract nervous movement disorders and inner or physical anxieties. It is the ideal mode for gaining psychological and emotional stability and therefore boosting physical and mental resilience. At the same time, it can ensure for a balanced mood and regulate sleep.

Focus: Stabilising mode for stress with nervous movement disorders and psychological as well as physical anxieties.

Users: For people of all ages and gender under stress to boost physical and mental resilience with physical or inner anxieties or nervous movement disorders.

Recommended use:
The BALANCE VITAL stabilising mode should be used continuously in times of heightened stress and psychological demands, and should only be combined with the ACTIVE SOUL activating mode and with any SLEEP mode, ideally with SLEEP RELAXED or SLEEP INTENSE.


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