Active vital

The ACTIVE VITAL GENII® mode is an activating mode that can have a drive and performance-boosting effect in cases of physical, mental and psychological exhaustion, fatigue, tiredness with poor concentration, a lack of drive, depressive mood, poor circulation and general immunity weaknesses. It provides the wearer with a set of electromagnetic vibrations that can be highly stimulating and lead to increased drive on the physical, mental or psychological level. It is the ideal mode to boost drive in times of increased mental, physical or psychological demands.

Focus: Intense activating mode focusing on intensive mental, physical or psychological drive and performance improvements.

Users: For people of all ages and genders whose mental, physical or psychological performance is impaired by a lack of energy or motivation.

Recommended use:
The ACTIVE VITAL activating mode can be used before and during a mental or physical activity and before and during a period of psychological strain. If needed, it can be used throughout the whole day. It is not suitable for sleep in any way, however. It can be combined with any SLEEP mode and with any BALANCE stabilising mode. Ideally with SLEEP SPORTY and BALANCE HAPPY.


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