Active soul

The ACTIVE SOUL GENII® mode is an activating mode to balance the states of tension and relaxation resulting from mental and psychological stimuli during mood swings between sadness, fatigue, listlessness or concentration difficulties and restlessness, agitation, over-excitability or overactivity, which do not require therapy. It provides the wearer with a set of electromagnetic vibrations that can have a mood-balancing and drive-boosting effect, thereby providing more energy and enjoyment of life. It is the ideal mode for balancing and stabilising mood swings in phases of increased psychological and mental strain.

Focus: Activating mode with a focus on balancing and stabilising the states of tension and relaxation in mood swings and boosting drive and enjoyment of life as well as improving concentration.

Users: For people of every age and gender with a lack of drive and whose mood swings do not require professional therapy.

Recommended use:

The ACTIVE SOUL activating mode should be used during the day for at least six months. To achieve a more effective impact, after three months of use it can be interchanged during the day on a month-long cycle with the BALANCE HAPPY stabilising mode. At night it can be combined with any SLEEP mode - ideally with SLEEP HEALTHY.


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