Active slim & muscular

The ACTIVE SLIM & MUSCULAR GENII® mode is an activating mode that can support strength and muscle development while reducing fat. It provides the wearer with a set of electromagnetic vibrations that can enable improved physical drive and performance, strengthen muscle development, reduce hunger and support fat loss. It is the ideal mode for endurance and strength training to help you, during training and weight loss periods, to strengthen muscles and lose fat.

Focus: Activating mode with a focus on boosting physical drive and performance by supporting hunger reduction and strengthening muscle building as well as fat loss and fat decomposition.

Users: For people of every age and gender who want to support their strength and muscle development and at the same time reduce weight.

Recommended use:

The ACTIVE SLIM & MUSCULAR activating mode should be used during the day for at least eight months. It is not suitable for sleep in any way. It can be combined at night with any SLEEP mode - ideally with SLEEP SPORTY or SLEEP ANTI AGING.


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