Active brain

The GENII® ACTIVE BRAIN mode has a mental strengthening effect and therefore ensures for increased memory performance with improved powers of memory retention and concentration, which can otherwise suffer from a lack of energy supply to the brain. It provides the wearer with a set of vibrations that can promote mental activation and therefore stimulate brain activity, memory and concentration, learning ability and mental strength. It is the ideal mode for young and old to increase their capacity to think, and is a valuable support in study and exam periods, as well as in the field of sport to boost mental strength for improved performance and endurance.

Focus: Activating mode with a focus on boosting memory performance with improved memory retention and concentration, learning capacity and mental improvements in the field of sport.

Users: For people of every age and gender wanting increased memory performance and mental strength.

Recommended use:
The ACTIVE BRAIN activating mode should definitely be used continuously for six months. It can be combined with any BALANCE stabilising mode, ideally with BALANCE CLEAR MIND or BALANCE STANDARD - or with any SLEEP mode. Ideally with SLEEP RELAXED or SLEEP INTENSE.


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