About GENII®

Better Performance - Less Stress - Restful Sleep

GENII ® is a bio-frequency battery-operated vibration generator that generates a natural electromagnetic field based on the natural Schumann frequency. Thus, GENII ® creates the basis for the correct synchronization of all of the vital regulatory and functional processes in the body. NASA sent astronauts into space with a Schumann magnet in order to successfully maintain their health of the crew by replicating the Earth's natural magnetic field. This long-standing, researched technology can now be used in the private sector with GENII ® .

The Schumann resonance - and thus GENII ® - has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on:

  • Melatonin production
  • Mood and efficiency
  • Hippocampus activation
  • The immune system

GENII ® has 3 different programs. Depending on your needs, you can switch between the programs by briefly pressing the button twice. The programs are represented by different colours on the device. To display the current program, briefly press the button once.

You can use three basic frequencies with GENII ® :

  • ACTIVE: for times of increased performance
  • BALANCE: for stabilization in everyday life
  • SLEEP: for a good night's sleep