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GENII: The MUST HAVE for Your Well-Being

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What is GENII®?

Better Performance - Less Stress - Restful Sleep

Electrosmog, stress and constantly feeling overwhelmed all lead to fatigue, a lack of energy, and issues sleeping through the night or falling asleep. Wish you could get back on track? Try GENII®'s innovative technology to see improved performance, quicker regeneration and more restful sleep.

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3 Basic Programs for Your Well-Being

GENII® is designed on a basis of three programs: Balance, Active and Sleep. Through these innovative programs, you can tailor your use of the device to your personal needs.

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The GENII® "Balance Standard" program has a balancing effect and is recommended as the first program to start with. This program provides a harmonious base mood and helps us to overcome everyday stress.


The GENII® "Active Standard" program is energising, leading to better physical and mental performance as well as better concentration. It is perfect for periods of high stress.


The GENII® "Sleep Standard" program has a relaxing effect and encourages the wearer to feel deeply relaxed in stressful situations, while supporting deep sleep and better sleep quality, and to encourage quicker regeneration.


Insomnia and its consequences

Insomnia and its consequences

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